Earn "bitcoins" every hour.

this service is tested and functional.
who are interested in this kind of earnings - proof screens cabinets lined below.

The train arrived "Bitcoin" is already out, and he can not leave without you! If you hurry, you can become one of those who earn more profit.

As the saying goes: Early risers that gives exchange earnings.

1BTS = $ 450
Register purse (5min)
Registration in service (5min)

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No software or configuration is needed. Admission is free . Avtovyplaty . Great affiliate program !

STEP 1 . Opening purse PTS : https://blockchain.info/ru/wallet
! ! come up with 10 digit password and save all the data on paper, the loss of password and not vostonavlivaetsya ! !
       Quite simply, go to the website on the top left first option "Create a new purse " , press on it, the next page, enter your e-mail , password, and a captcha , and then show mnemonic login ID , they must be preserved.

       After that presses continue and get to the login page.
Enter an identifier ( if it is not ) , but usually it is worth and your password and get into your wallet . Everything.

       Inside the purse below the list of currencies on a blue background see the long number - is the number of your purse. It must be specified as an account number for Bitcoin (BTC)

STEP 2 . Registration on earnings when PTS : http://freebitco.in

       Click on a link to a page with two forms - registration form to the left , to the right - to enter. Use the left .
       In the Username field enter your purse number PTS. Then enter the password and your account.
       You will immediately be prompted to enter the captcha . Enter it , pressing "Roll" and get their first Bitcoin.
       Right at the top - zheltenkie tsiferki.Tam will see their charges .
This will start a countdown timer for 1 hour . An hour later, repeat the procedure , etc.
! Also while waiting for an hour , you can multiply the amount and win dzhekpod but play it safe !

What is Bitcoins ?

Electronic currency Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the new digital electronic currency and a peer electronic payment system operating these units accounting, established in 2009 by the developer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto , not wishing to leave his real name. We have bitcoin and other popular concept - kriptovalyuta , BTC. The system has an administrative center , its members are customers ready bitcoin- coins to purchase and sell them for any goods and services. The principle of an ad hoc network eliminates the possibility of any interference in the management system and its processes.
Bitcoin device
Technically bitcoin- currency is a string of characters - the result of computing power. Economically, it has the following properties : no need for its production ( printing ) and the serving central bank , the currency is limited in scope - can not exceed the limit of 21 million , the value of the currency does not depend on the will of the political power.
Vitcoin currency , like any other form of modern virtual money can be exchanged for real money through specialized exchangers napirimer 24change.com. Bitcoin is constantly fluctuating course set in zavismosti on supply and demand of users.
It is understood that bitcoin - immaterial currency , a number associated with a set of conditions. Bitcoin can use only those who meet all the conditions in the presence of bitcoin- address. Bitcoin can only be transmitted within the system and its users only directly. Cancel operation can not be perfect . Bitcoin can not be used ( spent ) twice.

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